Back Pain On The Lower Left Side

back pain on the lower left sideThere are a number of causes of back pain on the lower left side; these can have an effect that comes on gradually, with the sufferer progressively feeling more acute back pain, or a sudden unexpected burst of back pain. To understand how to get rid of lower back pain, it makes sense to pause for a moment and understand what actually caused it in the first place.

Lower back pain is normally caused by injuries that you have suffered by taking part in activities that require heavy physical demands on your body or incorrect posture when sitting or standing. Overweight or obese people also suffer from back pain, as their back needs to support very large body weight. If you are experiencing lower back pain or supporting somebody who is suffering from it, you will want to know what you can do and how to get rid of lower back pain safely and efficiently.

Whatever choice of therapy you adopt, it should be discussed with your doctor or your physiotherapist first in order to make sure that you are making the right choice. It is really important that you do not take up an exercise program that actually worsens your pain in the lower back. If you are following an exercise program recommended by your doctor or physiotherapist, that does not give the expected results or that seem to worsen your condition, then make an appointment immediately to discuss an alternative program.

Lumbar pain programs do not involve hard work outs and can be carried out when you only have a little time available or even when you are at work. The important point is to make sure you practice the exercises regularly. When you’re tired, rest for a while before resuming. The sit up straight and chin down exercise can be carried out practically anywhere including while you are travelling on a bus or an airplane.

Sit up with your back straight and gradually tilt your head down until your chin touches your chest, raise your head and repeat the exercise a few times. You will feel the muscles in your back moving as your spine is extended by the lowering of your head. Your spine is being effectively stretched and this directly relieves pressure and pain on your spine as the muscles are worked over. You should repeat this exercise for about 30 seconds and then take a rest before repeating. One of the great side effects is the sensation of feeling calmer and more relaxed. Keep repeating the exercise until you are sure that you can feel the back pain, particularly in your lower back, receding.

As mentioned before, the beauty of this exercise is that you can carry it out even in your office as it will not surprise your work colleagues. Even in the confined space it is possible to perform exercises that will help you to ease your lower back pain. Pain can be acute when flying, as airplane seats are often not as comfortable as they should be, particularly for lower back pain sufferers.

Practice the following exercise, raise your hands slowly and place them on the top of your head, relax while at the same time keeping your back straight. Next drop your hands to your sides. You can complete this exercise even sitting in the middle seat of an aircraft, as you can raise your hands and lower them without sticking your arms out. You will feel the benefits of this exercise in particular in your chest, upper back and arms.

Arm rotation has been known to ease pain in lower back for a number of years; it is an effective and easy therapy to carry out. Stretch your arms out to their maximum extension then rotate your arms slowly in one direction for about 20 rotations, now repeat the exercise by rotating your arms in the opposite direction, again for about 20 times. Having completed the exercises raise your arms and clasp you hands together above your head, hold this position for about 30 seconds and then slowly lower your arms. This exercise is particularly useful to flex and work the muscles in your shoulders and your back. You should do this exercise when you are standing on your feet. Make sure you have enough room to exercise without hitting anything or anyone while exercising.

Most people are familiar with toe touching exercising, however many may think that toe touching would actually make your back pain worse. This could be true if you exercise using a toe touching technique standing up without back support. Exercising this way means that you are more than likely to bend your back and therefore aggravate your back pain. In order to carry out an effective toe touching exercise program you should stand with your back against a wall or any solid surface that you can find. Bend forward from your waist with your back as straight as possible. Reach out towards your toes and reach as far as you can without straining your back; let gravity work in your favor and don’t overdo it. This exercise should be repeated for about one minute and then you should rest. If you are feeling that you are able to repeat this exercise do so. Make sure you take deep breaths as you exercise.

You can do a great deal to ease your back pain by following an exercise that you can do while sitting down. First of all, having sat down, bring your feet together by bending your legs so that the soles of your feet touch each other. Now slowly lean forward and move your head and upper torso towards your feet, while at the same time keeping your back as straight as possible. Once again make sure that you do not strain your back by pushing yourself too far, as you will risk doing further damage to your back. Continue this exercise for about one minute, then take a rest and repeat the exercise if you’re not feeling tired.

Some exercises can actually be quite enjoyable if you have a good imagination and a sense of humor. Imagine you are a dog! Get down on the floor on your hands and knees, gradually lift one leg and practice an imaginary kick as if you were kicking a person from behind in slow motion. Bring the kicking leg back down and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Try to repeat this exercise for about 2 minutes, but stop if you start feeling tired. The effect of this exercise is that it manipulates and massages your spine and moves the vertebrae that will reduce back pain very effectively.

It is a good idea to have a stretching mat that you can buy at a good sports shop for floor exercises. Floor exercises are very effective in dealing with lower back pain. Don’t worry if you don’t have a floor exercise mat as a rug or even your carpet will make exercising perfectly comfortable. Lie on your stomach on your mat or carpet; make sure at all times the floor you exercise on is completely flat. Lift your head and upper torso gradually and at the same time place your arms in front of you with your palms facing as far upwards as you are able without straining yourself. Hold this stretching position for about two seconds and then gradually drop your upper body flat on the floor. Try to do this exercise 10 times and then get up slowly so as not to strain your back.

A good combination exercise that works well with the one described above is to carry out some leg exercises that will also directly assist you to ease your back pain. Still laying on your stomach raise each leg behind you as far as you feel comfortable, hold your leg elevated for about one second before gradually lowering it to the floor; repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

When trying to find out an effective exercise program to help you ease your back pain, these exercises will go a long way to help. In order to find out how to get rid of lower back pain you should take up an exercise program that is both effective and risk free. One of the most important points to bear in mind is to “do it” but not “overdo it”. Following this approach will enable you to have great hope of finding a cure to your lower back pain.